Sungjin F.T Products MSB



An additive for molding sand for molding lines - Added to green molding sand

Manufacturer Sungjin F.T
Address 37, Saenggoksandan-ro, Gangseo-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea
Phone +82-51-324-8855


- A product made by mixing M-DEX and SEA-COAL at a certain mixing ratio
- Mixed using a double cone mixer - The best blending method at present
- Can change the content according to customer needs (takes 2~3 days to manufacture for custom-made product)

Purpose of Input

- There is no room in the hopper for addition of subsidiary materials
- There is a need to increase SEA-COAL, but it is difficult to add just SEA-COAL
- Easy for the storage : There are no risks of fire.
- Environmental advantage : It causes fewer environmental problems compared to using SEA-COAL alone.


- MSB30 (70% M-DEX and 30% SEA-COAL)
- Can change the content if requested by the customer
- Packaging form: 500kg, bulk
- Can make changes to the mixing composition as requested by the customer