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A prepared binder for molding into specific shapes – A binder with viscossity, like. viscocity and elasticity

Manufacturer Sungjin F.T
Address 37, Saenggoksandan-ro, Gangseo-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea
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- A product designed to facilitate the molding process by adding viscossity and elasticity
- Suitable as a binder for products that must be molded into specific shapes, as it has excellent viscoelasticity
- Enhances the elasticity of molded products in complex shapes to prevent failure or disintegration and partial detachment

※ Fluids that only have viscosity, without any elasticity, start to flow when an external force is applied, and do not return to their original shape even after the external force is removed.
Fluids that return to their original shape after the pulling force is removed (e.g. albumen) have not only viscosity but also elasticity.
Elasticity is a dynamic property of a solid and viscosity is a dynamic property of a fluid, while viscoelasticity may be a property of both solids and liquids.

Purpose of Use

- A binder for agglomerating steel slags
- A forming binder for various lump coals
- A mold binder for casting
- A prepared binder for refractory mortar
- A molding binder for square-shaped refractory