Sungjin F.T Products AF#2



A product that prevents the formation of pinholes and enhances the caking power at room temperature by inserting iron oxide in the voids of cyclodextrin.

Manufacturer Sungjin F.T
Address 37, Saenggoksandan-ro, Gangseo-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea
Phone +82-51-324-8855

Purpose of Use

- Cold Box
- Furan

- Pepset
- Sodium Silicate (Water Glass)
- Green Sand Conditioner

Characteristics and Effects

- Enhances the formativeness of molds with the high caking power at room temperature and prevents washing of the sand and detachment of the molds by significantly improving the surface stability
- Prevents veining and scabs, etc. arising from the penetration of the molten metal into the gaps caused by the expansion or bending of the mold or core
- Prevents the formation of micro pinholes with iron oxide
- Improves caking power and formativeness
- Improves air permeability
- Enhances the toughness of molding sand
- Improves disintegrability → Facilitates the blasting process → Reduces the cost of the post processing process
- Can use in small amounts